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Learning & Development Activites

Connect teams and motivate them & reinforce business objectives.

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Bring remote working and office teams together with our interactive, learning and devolpment activities. We’ll facilitate team interaction through live video stream and our award-winning app.

With our remote learning and deveolpment facilitator, these activities are the perfect solution to bring your team together to encourage team bonding, morale and plenty of laughs while some work from home and others from the office.

Before Mars

If you are looking for a complex activity to challenge the smartest of teams or to deepen the teams learning experience this event is an ideal option. This session helps teams look at how they make decisions in the virtual environment, the challenges they face. This mirrors back to the real world and what they can do to improve their team performance.

Before Mars sees teams prepare and plan for their mission to Mars. Teams work on a complex problem where information is distributed across the different team members. Teams must leverage all their remote working skills to solve a series of progressively more challenging tasks. Before Mars is a
challenging virtual activity designed to test high performing teams.

UP TO 60-180 MINS


If you are looking for an activity that mirrors the need for virtual teams to be agile, responsive and adaptable. This activity creates a highly competitive environment that create an engaging experience. Great learnings around task prioritisation, the balance of competition and collaboration, task and resource management with the importance of team alignment. The key message from Detour is “Opportunities are everywhere, if you aren’t taking them, your competitors will be!”?

Teams face several challenges simulating the volatile, fast-paced environment that we live in today. This is a blend of puzzle-based challenges, photo and video activities. As more and more tasks are delivered, teams must constantly adapt, reprioritise and leverage the strengths of all team members to maximise their available opportunities. Change always brings opportunity, is your team ready to embrace the new way of working and capitalise on these opportunities? ?

UP TO 60-180 MINS

Code Crackers

Code Crackers has been designed to fit the brief of companies looking to sharpen creative thinking and problem solving under pressure and in delivered in a virtual environment. Code Crackers can be run as a fun focused competitive team challenge, or it also works as a catalyst for a brainstorming session where a new way of thinking or a new approach is required in today’s world.?

In today’s world, the speed at which teams can work together to solve problems is more critical than ever. Code Crackers mixes the latest app technology and physical problem-solving challenges to test the smartest of teams. Teams must work together, solve clues, uncover patterns and unlock the secrets of their team success. Event times from 60-120 minutes it’s a great way to give your teams some out of the box challenges to solve in a virtual environment.

UP TO 60-180 MINS

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