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Multi-City Events

A shared team experience with your colleagues anywhere in New Zealand or the World.

Team activities featuring Multi-City

Our Multi-City option is available on a range of our team activities including:

The Amazing GPS Race

This activity combines technology with an Amazing Race concept. Find out more.

Bunches of Lunches

An interactive quiz with an added ‘feel good’ factor. Find out more

Let's Get Quizical

Not your regular pub quiz! No more paper scoresheets. Find out more.

Spy School

Teams will need to channel their inner spy to succeed and reign supreme. Find out more.

The Breakout

Trapped in a virtual room, can you and your team Breakout? Find our more.

Out & About Tribal

Embark on an interactive quest to work towards one common goal. Find out more

How does it work?

Maybe your organisation has several offices across the world? Or your colleagues are based in a different city? Whatever the case, we can help. Our MultiCity option allows teams in different locations to participate in team building events, all without having to leave their office, local area or home.

Take part in the same game, at the same time (no matter where you are!).

Thanks to our interactive app and GPS challenges, you can easily track your team’s progress with live scoreboards and realtime photos and videos. It’s a great costeffective solution.

Sound good so far?

If you’re interested in Multi-City, talk to us today and we’ll sort the rest!

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