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Wild in London at the Wildgoose conference.


The Events Group attended the Wildgoose Global Licensee Conference in London.


This was the first time the global licensees had come together to meet and share ideas on how we are all using the app for our different team building products. Of the 14 countries attending, New Zealand was the longest serving licence holder at 6 years.

Globally this technology is used for team building, activations, conference engagement, private events, theme parks, zoos, museums and corporate onboarding/orientation programmes. Here in New Zealand we use it for our Amazing GPS Race, Let’s get Quizzical, The Breakout to name a few.

At the conference we experienced 2 new events from the team of which one is a product we have recently launched (Level Up) and the other was an event specific to the HMS Belfast which was a lot of fun and we saw how the app could be used to experience such a special venue.

There were a series of workshops and master classes around things relevant to the world of small business and team building. We got creative together and created new content for new and up and coming events. One of the master classes that we really enjoyed was Induction Programmes/Orientation. The UK team have large specialised programs in place with companies such as Nike Global for their induction programs and all new staff go through this when they join the company

A big feature of the weekend was around using the technology for customisation for custom made events for clients. We saw how other countries do this and we shared what is trending in our market in this space. We know that most corporates want more for their money than just an off the self solution and with this technology the sky is the limit on how tailored we can make an event.

We felt extremely proud to be a part of this group and we know that the app and its technology will never be finished. It’s always evolving and we are a part of that with our needs here in NZ. There will be a range of new events that will be coming out soon as result of our learnings and being able to experience them 1st hand at this conference. We now have a large network of other like minded events companies from around the world who are all looking forward to more sharing and collaboration.

The Events Group Team