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We have been delivering unique team building solutions to Kiwis since 1993, we’re well placed to guide you through the process from start to finish.

We will take the time to understand your objectives so we can deliver a fun team building event that drives results and will resonate with your team.

Chances are you’ve got huge extroverts in your team, along with introverts and everything in between. Our team building events are designed to have something for everyone and uncover the hidden talents of your team.

Every team building event we do has a purpose. Delivering an event that’s fun and engaging is only just the start for us. What really makes us tick is when we can tie that event or activity back to your business or the community. Whether that’s injecting a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) component, adding a theme that’s relevant to your business or simply bringing our fresh and fun ideas to team building – we’ve got it covered.

In our ever-changing world, diversity in the workplace is the new reality; and with this comes an exciting opportunity to embrace new ideas and different ways of thinking. Our team building events can help to spark both!

Why choose to do Team Building?

Building long-lasting relationships through shared experiences and collaboration is one of the best ways to build strong teams.
However; due to the day-to-day constraints of some workplaces, this isn’t always possible. From large to small businesses, strong teams are fundamental. It’s a well-known fact that for any workplace to thrive, cohesion and great relationships are essential. Our events can help you create just that.

Team building is a fun, engaging way to guarantee a special experience for all involved. A healthy and productive company culture is a win-win for all businesses seeking to boost morale and employee buy-in.
Whether you are interested in an icebreakers or a full day; we have something for everyone.

Why The Events Group?

The Events Group have been organising and executing successful team building activities for close to three decades. As seasoned event professionals, our experiences can be tailored to match any of your requirements. Our team take care of  everything when it comes to your team building event!

We take the stress out of planning your team building event entirely. You won’t have to worry about team engagement with our team at the helm. Rest assured every little detail is covered and you can enjoy the experience for yourself.

Call us to find out how our team can bring out the best in your team!


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