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Murder On a Train

Have you got your tickets ready for an express journey back to the roaring ‘20s to solve a murder case that’s on the move! It’s down to you and your team to catch the killer and solve this case before the train reaches its final destination…

Your team have travelled back in time to the 1920’s and reports come in to say that somewhere between Budapest and Belgrade, a terrible crime has been committed.

What could be the motive? Greed? Revenge? Either way detectives are needed onboard for a thorough investigation…your team!

This is a time-sensitive case and it’s imperative that the killer is caught before the train arrives at its final stop. Will it be the end of the line for the killer or will they manage to cover their tracks and escape in Constantinople?

Key Facts

  • Virtual (online) Live (face-to-face) Hybrid
  • Duration: Virtual – 90mins (total) Live – 90-120mins
  • Ideal numbers: 6-200+
  • Some areas can be tailored to suit.

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