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Team Building – It’s a strategy not just an activity.

team building


Why does your company do team-building? If you’re just filling a slot or ticking a box you’re missing out on the evolution and revolution that’s happened over the last 10 years. Smart companies are now actively using team-building to reinforce, develop and personalise their culture, driving their values and messaging through activities that allow for personal development and self realisation, the best form of permanent learning.
No longer reactive, team building activities are now used pro-actively by the smart companies as part of their Business Plan, scheduling in advance to bring their teams together with specific goals in mind when there are planned changes, whether it’s new products to market, new values or restructure within the business, any time that they need their staff to get on the front foot of a new frontier.
They’re also using teambuilding to measure the success of their message delivery. So it becomes a Message Activation, giving real time insight into how their staff have understood and engage with the message.
They’re engaging team building to allow their staff to solve or work through their own approach to specific challenges within their business.
We’re offering a free 45 minute strategy session where we’ll identify from your business goals and business challenges, where a team activation would create value and insights.
Modern Team building is a science that happens to be fun – join the revolution!

Team building – what’s it good for?

Absolutely everything.

Take one activity – What a Production – teams are given a concept or a message that they deliver through a short film, tv commercial or news segment, filmed on ipads on location around your city. They’ll work together to formulate the ideas, choose one, assign individual tasks, write the script, plan the scenes, locations and props, take up roles as actors, directors, time-keepers, script-writers and editors. They’ll work to a time-frame.
But what’s really happening here?
They are:

  • Strategising
  • Managing conflict
  • Creative brainstorming – pulling the message apart and reinventing it
  • Developing and following a process
  • Being accountable for their bit
  • Working individually and as a team

What are you getting as an employer?

  • Real insight into their understanding of your message
  • Understanding of different communication styles through choice of genre, visuals and script
  • Seeing how individuals work together
  • Awareness of staff engagement – who and how

Team-building is a chance to see your colleagues in a different light, working with people outside the natural work silos.