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Team Building with Eat My Lunch

The Opportunity:

The Amazing GPS Race is easily customisable to suit a client’s needs, or in this case, kiwi kids in need. We have teamed up with Eat My Lunch to produce a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) version of our popular Amazing GPS Race. This fresh, new team building option allows our clients to do good & feel good while also receiving the benefits of team building as promised.

The Process:

We reached out to the team at Eat My Lunch with the idea of collecting videos, photos, interviews or anything we could get our hands on. We used this footage in the briefing part of our Amazing GPS Race to encourage that connection between the teams and the end goal – feed kiwi kids.

The game is set up so that each time a team reaches a certain number of points, they receive a notification to let them know they have given a lunch to a kiwi kid in need, this continues throughout the game as their points go up & up & up. The idea that points turn into lunches has proved to be a great motivator for the teams, especially when it came to the slightly silly tasks.

But it doesn’t end there, Eat My Lunch has an option called ‘Give Two’. This is where you can give two lunches to two kids in need, rather than getting one for yourself. This means that as a business participating in our Amazing GPS Race – Eat My Lunch version, you can double the amount you give without breaking the budget.

The Result:

It was such a success that we would love to do it again (and again and again), so jump on board and help us, help them.

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