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Virtual Events

Connect teams and motivate them while they’re working from home.

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Bring remote working employees together with our interactive, game-sharing experience – all without leaving the comfort and safety of home! With plenty of themes to choose from as part of a Virtual Team Building Series, we’ll facilitate team interaction through live video stream and our award-winning app.

With a helping hand from a remote event manager, our shared activities are the perfect solution to bring your employees together to encourage team bonding, better morale and plenty of laughs for teams that work remotely.

What activities can you choose

With a huge variety of content and app features, the remote challenges are designed to recreate the things that we love about working in a busy office – each activity will bring your team together, prevent people feeling isolated and boost morale.

Pirates cove

Avast ye! Great riches lie ahead for ye and yer team. Following an interactive treasure map, you are on the hunt for the legendary treasures of Pirate’s Cove!

Around the world

Take your team on a virtual globe-trotting trip around the world, visiting 22 countries across 40,000 virtual miles while putting your teamwork, collaboration and creativity to the test!

Murder mysteries

Murder on the slopes

Ski season has returned and you’re ready to hit the slopes when your trip suddenly takes a deadly turn off-piste!

Murder on a train

All aboard..we’re off to the 1920’s to help solve a murder. Can you and your fellows detectives piece together the clues and solve the crime?

Manor House Murder

A school reunion has ended in tragedy and a murder investigation has begun. You and your team must tune into your detective skills and find the killer!

virtual Escape Rooms

The Breakout

You’ve been framed for an elaborate art heist. While the real thief walks free, it’s up to you to unravel the clues and make your escape in a race against time!

Arctic storm

The storm is getting worse… you and your team need to work together in order to survive and get out alive!

Team quizzes

Virtual Away Day

Working in teams, you will need to decide on the best answer to each question. The aim of the game is simple… score as many points as possible before time runs out!

Team Quiz

This isn’t just any team quiz, this is our action-packed team quiz! Test your general knowledge with rounds of fun, creative challenges against the clock.

Daily Kick-Off

This self-guided upbeat, creative challenge will encourage participants to boost their morale while working remotely.

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The Daily Kick-Off

What better way to kick off your day or week than with this motivational experience.
This self-guided solution provides an upbeat, creative challenge that will encourage participants to shoot motivational photos and videos in their own home, focused around boosting morale when employees are working remotely.
The photos and videos will be saved into a presentation for your team to share, creating a lasting memory and plenty of fun!

Up to 90 mins

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Virtual Away Day

The aim of the game is simple … Score as many points as possible before you run out of time! Working in remote teams, you will need to decide upon the best answer to each question to win maximum points. Playing from any location including home, participants will use their own devices to answer questions and complete challenges.

Team strategy is the key to winning this challenge; players must communicate and work with the others in order to progress. All whilst racing against the ticking clock!

Up to 60-90 mins

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Team Quiz

Our Team Quiz Challenge was designed to replace the after work social event, encouraging teams to let their hair down and have a laugh!

Played in the comfort of your own home, this is a virtual pub quiz enabling teams to connect, have some fun and get competitive. Hosted via video conferencing software and one of our event facilitators, you’ll be up against your colleagues to see who can score the highest points.

With plenty of laughs, this challenge will create that feeling of unity without the need to actually be together.

Up to 60 mins

Sound good so far?

If you’re interested in remote-working team experiences, talk to us today and we’ll sort the rest!