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Pirates Cove

Avast ye! Great riches lie ahead for ye and yer team.
Following an interactive treasure map, you are on the hunt for the legendary treasures of Pirate’s Cove!
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Pirates Cove

Ahoy there me hearties! There’s treasure to be found! Using our award-winning app, you and your fellow buccaneers will abandon ship and work your way across an interactive treasure map, unlocking challenges to earn points and discovering virtual items to help uncover the legendary treasures of Pirates Cove!

Avast…it’s a hunt for ‘X marks the spot’ and accuracy is well-rewarded! The more points you gain, the more locations you unlock and the more virtual items you collect, the closer you will get…but like any good pirate knows, time is precious so don’t dilly dally…keep those virtual items safe. You never know when you might need to use (or exchange) them for a bonus task or two!

It’s all ‘hands-on deck’ as bonus points will be awarded to any team that reaches the riches of Pirates Cove! The winning team will be the one that reaches the treasure with the most points…or the one that makes it furthest across the map!

Key Facts


Event Type

Virtual (online)
Live (in-person)
is in development 


Virtual – 60-90mins (total)
Live – TBC

Ideal Numbers


How do we locate the loot?

The Treasure Map

Our Event Manager will kick-start your voyage with a ‘yo ho ho’ virtual briefing and will make sure everyone is ready. To move across the treasure map, players must complete tasks available to them on their main game screen. Tasks are largely photo, video and puzzle based. Photos and videos must be executed well and with as much creativity/accuracy as possible, as for every X amount of points a team gain, another part of the path across the map will appear.

Collectibles Feature

Successfully completed tasks will earn the team ‘virtual’ items which they will collect and use during the game. These items can then be used during the game as part of the bonus tasks; e.g.: when a team reaches Volcano Ridge, they will need to use wooden planks and a fishing net to make a bridge in order to cross the volcano and continue on their path.

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