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Case Study

Building induction/Office Relocation

A fully immersive experience that enabled teams to
re-connect and get excited about their new office space.

Explore your place

As humans we can all be reluctant to change.

Our team see this as an exciting new opportunity to bring the team together to create awesome memories and get some of the mandatory induction into the building done at the same time.

It must be a fun and an engaging experience. This event is about who you are as an organisation and what you stand for; It could also celebrate your past while showcasing your future; and reinforce your values; it should build a support network amongst colleagues or teams that have been disconnected from remote working.

We specialise in creating engaging experiences for people! Workplace Onboarding/Office Relocation Solutions are as unique as the companies we create them for. Nothing is off-the-shelf and we keep it simple for you so that you can concentrate on the most important thing… your company and your team. We take care of the details and have you involved as much or as little as you would like.


Welcome to your new office


  • An orientation of the offices the business had moved to during lockdown.
  • Assisting and motivating the team in the transition from working from home back to the office. Looking to reengage, reinvigorate and excite the team about the new premises and the ‘hot desk’work environment.
  • Learning about the new environment which was less structured in terms of personal spaces but had more guidelines around how the various spaces were to be used.

Engagement statistics by challenge task

our approach

To create a fully immersive experience that enabled and encouraged teams to get excited about their new environment and reconnect with each other and connect with their new local area.

We created a fully customized event experience that was 100% about the client’s business.
Working with them, we created an event for their team that showcased everything that was a ‘must learn’ about the new office.

Our team was there for every step of the design and development process making it easy for the management team and an experience the broader team would love come event day.
We developed a 4 – day event (across one week) with 130/140 pax each day over the 4 days.
In teams of 8 – 10 pax the event took 1 – 2 hours to complete.

A short video was produced for the wrap up showing the awesome photo and video content produced by the teams reinforcing the fun and learnings about the new office and their colleagues.

Numbers Invovled 


Event duration

4 days

Teams involved


Engagement results



“I have done a lot of team events in my career. This was the best way to explore our new office space. It was a fun and innovative way to show the team their new home.”

Senior staff member