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Custom App Events

We create unforgettable experiences that meet
your goals & purposes

If you’re looking for a technology-fuelled engagement solution that can breathe creativity and life into your existing content and programmes, our custom events may be right for you.

Custom app game screen, tablet and phone
We have a range of reporting options to measure the success of your event. Some of the engagement stats we have seen have been in the 87-90 % range!

We know that people learn best through memorable experiences. At The Events Group, we are experts in designing and delivering fully customised team experiences. These experiences will not only weave your culture and brand into your event, but are also be designed to support your business objectives. Thus encouraging participants to engage, connect and learn.

Whether your team has 50 people or 5,000, is based in the New Zealand or overseas, connect with our team for ideas on how to bring your next event to life!

Our Custom App Events can be used for:

  • Virtual and Hybrid conferences READ MORE
  • Conferences that need to bring content to life through gamification READ MORE
  • Office relocators – we have great solutions to show the team thier new space and tick off the Heath & Safety induction all in one event
  • Icebreaker activities – getting to know your team READ MORE

When to choose a Custom App Event

  • You want your experience to have a clearly defined focus, for example, a new product launch, a brand activation event, an internal comms piece or even an exhibition engagement tool

  • You’d like to include personalised multimedia content from key stakeholders within your business

  • Your company would like specific outcomes from event

  • You want to differentiate this event from previous events you’ve held

  • You’re seeking an experience that aligns with your core business messages

  • You’re looking for a solution that weaves your content throughout the whole event

  • You’re looking for a sustainable solution for your event

Using a simple 3-step process we will create a customised solution to fit your brief and meet your objectives.


Our experienced creative team will work together with you to plan, guide and manage your experience to ensure your objectives are met and your expectations are exceeded. We will immerse ourselves in the culture of your business to gain insight into your values, brand and key messages.


Based on this insight and your objectives, we will design an experience complemented by our technology to bring your content and branding alive.


Our creative design team will deliver your custom-made experience using technology-driven gamification with story; custom-made branding and skilful goal setting. Our in-built statistics suite will monitor activity, engagement and progress throughout – providing tangible ROI.

Custom App Success Stories from Around the World


Following an extensive 2 year project to restore Converse’s head office – Lovejoy Wharf, Boston USA, we were commisioned to create a completely customised onboarding solution, to guide new recruits around the 10 story HQ and introduce them to the comapany’s values in an interactive and engaing way.

Working with Converse’s HR team, we turned key induction content into interactive tasks and challenges for teams to complete, by navigating thier Boston office and on-site store (using custom game screens). Specific chellenges were created ti help immerse partcipants in the company’s culture as they made thier way through the floors of Lovejoy Wharf. The client was so pleased with the end result, that the solution we created for them is still being used to induct team members on an ongoing basis.

Thomsons Online Benefits

Wildgoose and Thomsons came together as part of an end-to-end collaborative process to design a completely unique concept for the Pinkathon conferences (located in London, Cluj and Singapore), that not only reflected the client’s unique brand identity but also communicated the ‘Change benefits. For good.’ message.

The ‘space travel’ concept was reflective of the explorative journey that Thomsons’ leadership team wanted the conference participants to embark on, and formed the basis of the games entire design.  One hundred percent of participants said that they felt they knew their colleagues better as a result of the conference – with highlights including the interactivity of the sessions, and the blend of practical and theoretical learning to reinforce the Thomson’s Change Benefits. For good. ethos.


Our Creative Team worked alongside one of the biggest names in media – Viacom, to develop an interactive and immersive onboarding activity for new recruits. Located in the heart of Manhattan – Viacom not only wanted new employees to be orientated around the building and its amazing facilities but also wanted participants to connect, communicate and engage with each other,

Our technology was crucial in getting employees to participate in collaborative events and needed to seamlessly integrate with Viacom’s existing 90-day onboarding programme. To facilitate this, our platform was utilised in ‘individual mode’ in order to capture feedback, measure recruit progress and encourage collaboration with peers.

Sound good so far?

If you’re interested in remote-working team experiences, talk to us today and we’ll sort the rest!