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The Amazing GPS Race, engaging, fun and great ROI!


We have delivered hundreds of team-building events and the key for us to creating a great event is knowing why are we doing this event? Once we have the purpose from clients’, we create an event that fits their objectives. The next key part is having fun…. as we all learn more when we have fun…. right?

Team-building is a word that still makes people think “oh no organised fun – I would never want to do that” … not so once you’ve worked with us. We use technology to fuel engagement while being able to reinforce key messages that connect back to our clients’ purpose.

The Amazing GPS Race is a great event that enables companies to “dip their toe” into the team building environment or alternatively they can go all out with a custom-built event designed with their own branding, messaging, purpose that keeps teams engaged.


Working with an app-based event means we can provide our clients with key stats on how their teams have taken on-board information. This helps management see where they need to focus on communicating new objectives to their team. The other bonus is the teams taking part have a whole bunch of fun while being creative and answering questions on hot topics in their area of the business.

Clients often ask how we ensure teams do the challenges that relate back to their business? We have one of the most sophisticated apps in the team-building world that is constantly being developed. Not only can we make sure teams do certain tasks first, we can also ask questions and provide stats on how well the teams answered them.

The key to any event is knowing the purpose. Once our team knows the purpose, we can create any event that will hit our client’s objectives and drive a great ROI!

The Events Group Team