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Case Study

citizen day 2017

Switch the make-up brush for a paint brush kind of day!

The Opportunity:

For the 3rd year running, L’Oréal Citizen Day became the #1 topic of conversation, meetings, and maybe even the odd disagreement in The Events Group office.

Every year, all around the world, L’Oréal dedicates a day to the community.
This year, on Thursday 27th of July, we saw more than 150 of New Zealand’s L’Oréal team arriving at Dingwall, Kaiaua to spend the day doing an assortment of activities ranging from planting, to painting, to cooking.

The Events Group was lucky enough to, once again, take part in the management of this event.

The Process:

It only took 15 trips to Bunnings, 5 trips to the supermarket, and 99 trips to every other store you could think of to collect the equipment needed to execute the activities which were to take place for L’Oréal Citizen Day.

We then contracted a helper from Kaiaua to join The Events Group team for the day, sticking to the theme of helping our local communities.

Followed by a road trip to Kaiaua, we prepared the Dingwall property for the much-anticipated makeover – just in time for the bus loads of enthusiastic helping hands to arrive.

The Result:

Despite the strong winds, the rain managed to hold off until the L’Oréal team arrived at the pub for afternoon tea and little bit of R&R after the busy day, while The Events Group team stayed onsite to pack up the day’s activities, happy to have achieved everything before the rain set in.

Everything which we set out to achieve with this year’s Citizen Day was executed wonderfully by the L’Oréal team, leaving the children of Dingwall to enjoy the beautiful property for their holidays.

Switching makeup brushes for paint brushes, dresses for coveralls and heels for sneakers – the L’Oréal Team did more than just show up to this year’s Citizen Day.

Well, that’s a wrap of another Citizen Day for L’Oréal NZ, and according to the feedback, the best one ever! The spirit and goodwill of the day is so much stronger when we are all on one site, and it is infectious.

Martin’s (L’Oréal New Zealand CEO) feedback was that he has taken part in Citizen Day’s all over the world over the past 8 years, and yesterday was hands down the best he had experienced!

Heather and Meredith, you are both a real pleasure to work with. The work dynamic between you is remarkable and you have strengths that complement each other resulting in a seamless experience.

I love Heather’s voice of experience on all matters including; weather, EHS and speaking with the locals to extract important details. Meredith, I love your calm manner, your attention to detail and your tone and manner on the end of a microphone is spot on.

Please pass on our sincere thanks and appreciation to Mike, and the rest of the team.

I also greatly appreciate that you contracted some local help as this demonstrates our mission to help local communities in need.

Thank you, ladies, for taking on this ambitious project this year- largely without my input, and nailing it!

I couldn’t be happier that we delivered on our promise to Dingwall at Kaiaua to return and complete our mission.

Tanya Abbot

Group Corporate Communications Manager, L’Oréal New Zealand

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