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Out & About Tribal

Out & About Tribal

In this interactive collaboration challenge, teams or “tribes” will embark on a quest that will encourage them to work towards one common goal.

Sharing responsibility, thinking creatively and utilising problem-solving skills, teams must unite to succeed! Designed to bring people together and highlight the importance of working together, this challenge is the perfect solution for fractured teams, new recruits and helping establish cohesion.

Initially, teams will progress through the challenge independently of each other, answering questions and completing photo and video tasks, before they eventually come together to complete tasks collaboratively. Each “tribe” will need to earn points and will require the assistance and expertise of opposing “tribes”. So, messaging each other through the app is an essential part of this challenge. More points means greater knowledge – and knowledge is power!

“Awesome time. Great fun exploring, getting to work together. We are definitely “better together!”

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Key Facts

Indoor or Outdoor: Outdoor
Duration: 2.5 – 3.5 hours
*can be customised to meet your
Ideal Numbers: 40-500+
Tailored: Yes, we can meet your company’s objectives

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